We partner with You!

“I was going to drop you a line this week- you beat me to it! I wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done. You were instrumental in my getting the job, giving me constant support and feedback. I felt like I had an unfair advantage over the other applicants! It’s been wonderful, working with you and knowing that I had someone backing me all the way. Thank you so much!”
Candidate: Catherine

“Karen has been one of the most professional recruiters I have come across. She is very enthusiastic, easy going and fun to interact with. Karen greatly helped me in my job search and my wishes go to her for all future business endeavors. She can be an excellent resource for any company she is dealing with.” – 
Candidate: Sumit

“During the time that I have worked with Karen Duhamel I have found her to be an experienced professional who has a tremendous understanding of her craft. There is no doubt that Karen has a multifaceted appreciation for what her clients and associates need. Her personal approach and business knowledge are a winning combination for any firm seeking outstanding recruitment services.”
Candidate: Gina

“Karen was the finest HR executive I have worked with. She has leveraged her HR expertise as founder of HR Associates. I have worked with Karen on a number of challenging placements, and she and her firm have delivered qualified candidates in each case. She has earned my most enthusiastic recommendation.”
Client: Phil

“I highly recommend Karen; she is smart, tenacious and knows her business. Whether you are a qualified candidate looking for a placement, or an employer searching for just the right match, Karen is the go-to gal!”
Candidate: Elise

“I’m impressed with the presentation write ups you have done on each of the candidates. Thanks so much for your help.”
Client: Jennifer

When we asked our client how to improve our services, she said, “Honestly I can’t think of anything. HR Associates is the best agency I’ve ever worked with.”
Client: Kathy

We asked our client what she appreciates most about HR Associates, she said: “the way HR Associates keeps in touch and keeps me up-to-date with what’s going on.”
Client: Lisa